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  Category : Games -  Kids
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  Platform : Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinNT 4.x,  Windows2000,  WinXP  
  Price : USD 17.95  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: 0  
  Date : 10/31/2004  
  Size : 1.62 MB  
Software Description:
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blobshop -in-a-row logic games educational puzzles,
   You are off to the Idletown fun fair. Aunt Emma's Blobshop is a fun game at the fair where you can throw paint filled balls at the wall and if you create a beautiful blob you can win a prize. But, while she was asleep her little helpers Rollo and Blipo decided to create their own game. Instead of throwing the ball you use the refill pump and paint the wall. They have their own rules you must get 5 blobs in a row in any direction to win the game. There are various levels of difficulty from easy to advanced. Options to make the game more interesting and adds more strategy to the game. Play against the computer or a friend. Hints are available. Digital sound effects add to the fun for those with sound cards. Multilingual version (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French).

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