20 Best Candle iOS Apps

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1) Candle!

Candle! candle
If you are looking for a realistic flame candle app, this one is right here for you.Features true calculation of flame particles.Single tap to put on/off the candle fire.Use it as a safe candle at a rock concert.An accompaniment for a casual birthday cake.For a quick routine ceremony.Enjoy realistic flame motion. (Free)By Advance, K.K. via

2) i--Candle

i--Candle candle
1.off,2., (Free)By i-helicopter-smart via

3) Candle

Candle candle
Candles are great to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere and this is exactly what you get when you light up this virtual candle.Whether you are looking for a safe night-light to setup on your bedside table or for a portable candle to relax on the move, light up this candle and brighten your day.Features:- Touch the wick to light up the candle.- Pinch the flame to extinguish the candle. ($0.99)By GolemLabs Inc. via

4) Flame of candle

Flame of candle candle
The flame of the candle will light your room.Please put the phone near the wall side lightly, and enjoy it.You give your phone a shake or inclination, the flame will be changed to the other form. (Free)By ADTECSYSTEM via

5) ★Magic Candle★

★Magic Candle★ candle
The hit magic trick as seen on youtube can now be yours. The amazing magic candle moves with your iPhone. You can even blow out the flame. This is fun that puts you in the spotlight Now with five different designs.See the video; Search on YouTube for Magic Candle iPhoneNew amazing features:Create your own candle; just choose a picture from your photo library or take one with your cameraShake to light up ($0.99)By CATEATER, LLC via

6) Rainbow Candle

Rainbow Candle candle
The flame of the candles will light your room with a romantic atomosphere.Please put the iPad near the wall side in an inconspicuous way and enjoy it.We have 7 colors of candles. You can choose one according to your inspiration.Features:-We have 7 colors of candles.-You can put out and light the candles.-You can play music in your iPod or 3 sample sounds.Operation:-Tap the lower right button, you can choose the colors from 1 to 7.-Tap he flame of the candle, you can put out the candle.-Flick the core of the candle, you can light the candle.-Tap the lower left button, ... ($1.99)By ADTECSYSTEM via

7) Candle Cake

Candle Cake candle
Candle Cake - the perfect application for birthday parties.One birthday application has it all - cake, candles, balloons and the right birthday music.Set your age and you will get as many candles on the cake. Light the candles, close your eyes and make a wish. Now blow on the iPhone / iPod or shake it...The wind puts out the candles, and the party can start Music is playing, balloons fly through the air, hugs everywhere (Hugs not included) (Free)By Peer Computers LTD via


MEMORY CANDLE is an application which helps you remember people who passed on. Download this free app and enter name, date to commeorate then choose a candle together with a message. On the anniversay day the candle will light up automaticallyThis application is edited by Cash Telecom (Free)By ORANGE via

9) Love Candle

Love Candle candle
If you find yourself in a romantic situation, but you are not prepared.DON`T PANIC ANYMOREJust download "Love Candle" App, the apps for those who seeks True LOVE.We are very happy to launch "Love Candle" for those who seeks True LOVE.If you fall in love, this app will make you romantist.If you turn on "Love Candle" App, Your Love will turn on Love and bright heart of your love."Love Candle" will show you a romantic styles of candles, backgrounds. And you can make to 100% another mood.If you want fall in love, Now turn on "Love Candle". It`s made romantist.Turn on ... ($0.99)By App Box via

10) Birth Candle

Birth Candle candle
Theres no excuse to miss a birthday celebration anymore.With the BIRTH CANDLE on your iPhone, you can enjoy the date in the proper way:Simply set the age, light the candle and start to sing for a Happy Birthday.After making a wish, just blow the candle.And may your wish become true Lets celebrate-------------------------------------------Agora voc no tem mais desculpa para perder uma comemorao de aniversrioCom o BirthCandle no seu iPhone, voc pode comemorar a data da maneira correta:- Selecione a idade, acenda a vela e comece a cantar o "Parabns".- Depois de fazer o pedido, sopre a vela.- E seu pedido ir ... ($0.99)By Bitix via

11) Jesus Candle

Jesus Candle candle
Everybody loves Jesus Candle. Why? What makes the flame flicker so? How can you explain the warm glow? Is it the hope & prayers for a better tomorrow with which Jesus Candle burns bright?Jesus Candle is a virtual votive candle for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. With its realistic flicker & characteristic glow, this beautiful rendition of the iconic _Sacred Heart of Jesus_ candle packs all the joy that comes from burning a real candle in a safe digital format.A charming app that appeals to the spiritually devout amongst us and lovers of kitsch alike, Jesus Candle can be called ... ($1.99)By mopimp productions via

12) My Candle

My Candle candle
The age of electronics have pushed us away from the age old tradition of using Candles. We used to light candles every time the electricity went off, but now it just never goes off, thanks to generator back ups etc. But lets bring back this old classic because candles are not only ever so beautiful but also so useful and handyRelive the good old days of candle light dinners with My Candle It is still true that nothing is more romantic than a candle light dinner with your love, or happiness emitted from the dancing flame of a candle.Relive the ... (Free)By Aims MIGITAL Technovations Pvt Ltd via

13) Free Candle

Free Candle candle
Ever wished you could set the mood in your hotel room with a candle that wasn`t a fire hazard? Now you can Free Candle by Poets Mobile is a fun FREE app that lets you create ambience anywhere you go. It`s the most photo-realistic candle ever made for the iPhone or iPad. Select from 10 different candles plus an additional mood lighting setting.NEW Additional features - Blow out or blow on the candles by holding the microphone up to your mouth - or - swipe your finger up and down to light the candles. Note: This feature works best in ... (Free)By Poets Mobile via

14) Light Me A Candle

Light Me A Candle candle
FREE for a LIMITED time."Lighting a candle gives me inspiration, hope, and security during a time of despair. It is a sense of faith and grace." -Analinda Garza (LMAC user)An overwhelming amount of answered prayers from our users have come through our network.The Light Me a Candle app allows you to light a votive candle and send a prayer.Every evening the shared prayers will be sent out to our exclusive prayer groups of all different faiths worldwide. We encourage everyone to send their prayers daily. We respect your privacy and only share your prayer request.So, why wait? Swipe up to ... ($0.99)By MTree Enterprises LLC via

15) Love Candle (Lite) - Candle for Romance

Love Candle (Lite) - Candle for Romance candle
If you find yourself in a romantic situation, but you are not prepared.DON`T PANIC ANYMOREJust download FREE "Love Candle (Lite)" App, the apps for those who seeks True LOVE.If you fall in love, this app will make you romantist.If you turn on "Love Candle - Lite" App, Your Love will turn on Love and bright heart of your love."Love Candle" will show you a romantic styles of candles, backgrounds. And you can make to 100 another mood.If you want fall in love, Now turn on "Love Candle - Lite". It`s made romantist.Turn on "Love Candle".Instruction- Swipe up to start the ... (Free)By DongGyu Park via

16) Advent Candle

Advent Candle candle
Advent Candle, for those with Christmas spirit.The candle slowly burns down until Christmas.You can put out or lit the candle as you wish with a single finger tap on the screen.Swipe to change the color of the Candle.Find a secret Christmas puzzle. ($0.99)By Snap n` Point via

17) Candle Timer

Candle Timer candle
The Candle Timer Application allows you to enjoy a relaxing meditation session in the presence of a candle animation, anywhere, anytime. Just set the duration of the candle (up to 60 min) and click start to begin. A discreet guide at the bottom of the candle indicates how much time remains. Upon expiration, the application emits a gentle bell sound. ($0.99)By modus spes via

18) Candle HD

Candle HD candle
The latest in realistic candle technologyCandle HD shows a beautiful real burning candle on your device.Light up your day with Candle HD, the best way to show your fiery support when you`re not carrying a candle in your pocket. Which is probably most of the time.Tap to extinguish and to light it again. (Free)By Eirik Berntsen via

19) Virtual Candle 3D

Virtual Candle 3D candle
Amazing CandleAmazing Candle is a fun FREE app that lets you create a real candle simulation in your phoneIt`s the most photo-realistic candle that you can control: flick to ignite the flame, flick again to close. Repeat until stress is relieved.Features of Amazing Candle:-- Real flame simulation-- swipe over the candle to on/off candle-- Smoke simulation-- Easy to use. (Free)By Nexogen Private Limited via

20) Blow Magic Candle

Blow Magic Candle candle
Magic Candle gives a feel of Real candle with you.Magic candle lets you have Candle light dinners with your Loved Ones.Features:Touch the candle to Turn it ON.Toggle blow detection settings in the app , so that you can blow your candle to Turn it OFF.Toggle Shake option to turn Candle OFF with a shake to your device.A very fun app when you are with your loved ones.You can download it absolutly for free. (Free)By ragamayi i via




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