20 Best Gardening Zones Map iOS Apps

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1) Cardio Zones

Cardio Zones gardening zones map
Optimize your physical exercises knowing the best heart rate zones you should train on, based on Karvonen`s FormulaCardio Zones is a tool designed to aid both health care professional on the prescription of treatments and individuals who want to exercise with defined objectives, making the best of their time and training in a safe manner.Our app suggests the following training zones:Light Training / Warm Up (50 to 60%)Fat Burning (60 to 70%)Endurance (70 to 80%)Maximum VO2 (80 to 90%)Red Zone / Limit (90 to 100%)Based on a multidisciplinary team consisting of professionals from I.T. and Health Care areas, our goal ... (Free)By Francisco Yamauti via

2) The Zones

The Zones gardening zones map
We want you to share all your moments with the world, especially when you are in The Zone (Free)By The Zones LLC via

3) Extraction Zones

Extraction Zones gardening zones map
The extrication tools used by first responders are extremely powerful and essential to saving the lives of car collision victims.The Extraction Zones Pro application uses our patent-pending technology and provides location information for airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, electric and propulsion systems, as well as structural reinforcements for the most popular cars on the road in the United States as well as all hybrid and electric cars. View this information all at once or only view pertinent information by hiding components as needed. Extraction Zones also provides an alternative night mode for darker surroundings - using customized color-schemes.With Extraction Zones, first responders ... ($0.99)By Extraction Zones LLC via

4) Talking Time Zones w/map

Talking Time Zones w/map gardening zones map
We provide Talking Time Zones for major cities around the world.Unlike other similar apps you dont need Internet access.App uses intuitive icons to help you determine the exact time in the location you are looking for.After selecting a time cell you will actually hear the time using text to speech technology.No other application has this featureWe also provide a state of the art time-zone map so you can calculate all your "time" needs in an efficient manner.EnjoyThank you ($0.99)By G.P. Imports, Inc. via

5) The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation gardening zones map
The Zones of Regulation (www.zonesofregulation.com) is a framework for thinking as well as a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their behaviors, including the management of their emotions and level of alertness. This, in turn, leads to increased self-control and problem solving abilities.Leah Kuypers is the author of the book, The Zones of Regulation (2011, Social Thinking Publishing). The Zones of Regulation was featured as a promising practice in Attention Magazine and is being implemented school wide in districts across the United States and Canada.The Zones assists students in conceptualizing how they are feeling by creating ... ($3.99)By Selosoft, Inc. via

6) Tree and Shrub Gardening Guide:Gardening Tips

Tree and Shrub Gardening Guide:Gardening Tips gardening zones map
Want to DIY learn Tree and Shrub Gardening, and want to get help with expert's advice, as well as with daily tips? This is App for you. Why THIS application is different:- Intuitive information to let you know all the facts systematically, easily and quickly.- Daily Tips from the experters to bring you the helpful advice that has taken others years to seek.- Tutorial Video: Step by step guide and coaching to help you obtain in-depth understanding and knowledge.- Daily Quotes to get the inspiration and encouragement. We look forward your feedback and comment to improve your experience with this ... (2.990)By Whale Paradise via

7) Gardening Advice: Landscaping, Organic Gardening and Vegetables

Gardening Advice: Landscaping, Organic Gardening and Vegetables gardening zones map
The "Gardening Advice" app is the perfect app for everyone who is interested in any type of gardening, such as organic gardening, landscapings, growing vegetable or plants and flowers.The app is filled with many useful sections, and contains a wealth of useful and practical information on all aspects of gardening.The gardening section is broken down into several small categories, and are as follow...Gardening TipsThis section is packed with useful tips and advice, and is full of helpful information on many aspects of gardening including ...Best plants for your gardenBest gardening toolsButterfly GardeningFlower GardeningGarden PestsGardening ... ($0.99)By Glenn Dounavis via

8) Droneville - Live flight safety checker, no fly zones map and quadcopter news!

Droneville - Live flight safety checker, no fly zones map and quadcopter news! gardening zones map
Droneville is the number one app for drone lovers and UAV enthusiasts Featured on copterflieger.com Get instant access to a real-time flight safety indicator, no fly zones map and live news feeds collated from the best drone sites around.All these features in one place make Droneville the only app you need, regardless of your level of love for flying machinesFEATURES- Flight Safety Indicator: a quick and simple, yet unbelievably useful, way to know if its safe to fly your drone or UAV. Droneville knows about potentially hazardous weather conditions and any flight restrictions. Use your current location or set ... (3.990)By Ross Beale via

9) Gardening Care Tips - Organic Farming / Gardening

Gardening Care Tips - Organic Farming / Gardening gardening zones map
Gardening Care Tips - Organic Farming / GardeningGrow More Trees - Go Green is our intention to make this app. This app is for environment lovers. Who loves the nature and take care of the natural things. If we want to fight against the global warming. We have to plants the trees not only on environment day. This activity should be done by us for our future ones.Do you have gardening hobby? Do you love flowers? Do you want to make your home green ? ohh Yes You are at right place with this app you can get latest techniques ... (Free)By Rikhil Jain via

10) Zones - View and convert time zones from around the world

Zones - View and convert time zones from around the world gardening zones map
Free for launch Limited timeZones is the simplest way to convert time zones between cities around the world.If you have friends or family in another city, conduct business overseas, or travel a lot, Zones makes it incredibly easy to quickly check the current time, or convert using a specific time and date.Make sure you won`t wake your parents up when you call, or check the time for your important conference call in a few days. Within the app you can add as many favourite cities as you like from a huge database that includes cities all over the world.At any ... (Free)By Tom Izaks via

11) Gardening for Beginners - Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening for Beginners - Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks gardening zones map
SALE Gardening App Special Offer. 50% Off TODAY. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back UpLearn Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks with this brand new appPacked full of amazing features you will not want to missLearn gardening with videos.This app includes videos:Gardening TipsGardening For BeginnersGardening IdeasHow To Start a GardenVegetable Gardening TipsRaised Bed Gardening TipsOrganic Gardening TipsContainer Gardening TipsHydroponic Gardening TipsIndoor Gardening TipsWinter Gardening TipsFlower Gardening TipsSquare Foot GardeningStraw Bale GardeningVertical Gardening TipsHow to MulchHow to Make FertilizerHow to Repot a PlantHow to Prune PlantsHow to Grow Fava BeansTomato Gardening TipsHow to Grow PumpkinsHow to Grow AsparagusHow to Grow CucumbersHow To ... ($0.99)By Gooi Ah Eng via

12) Gardening for Beginners - Your Source for Gardening Information

Gardening for Beginners - Your Source for Gardening Information gardening zones map
Learn the gardening tips for beginners to help get their gardens off to a great start.Create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes with gardening tips in this app.Easily learn Gardening from this app:3 Ways to GardenHow to Plant Your First Garden: 9 Steps3 Ways to Start a GardenHow to Begin Gardening: 11 StepsHow to Plant Flowers: 13 StepsHow to Start an Organic Garden: 7 StepsHow to Start a Flower Garden: 9 StepsHow to Grow a Home Garden: 9 Steps3 Ways to Create a Vegetable GardenHow to Grow Your Own Food: 15 StepsHow to Design a Successful Indoor GardenHow to ... ($0.99)By Agnes Gooi via

13) Organic Gardening For Beginners - Method for Backyard Gardening

Organic Gardening For Beginners - Method for Backyard Gardening gardening zones map
Organic Gardening For Beginners is a app that includes some very helpful information for Organic Methods to Control Pest in Your Garden Organic Gardening For Beginners includesOrganic Methods to Control Pest in Your GardenWhat is Biointensive Gardening?Organic Vegetable GardeningOrganic Fertilizer RecipesLasagna GardeningNo Dig Method for Backyard GardeningOrganic Garden PesticidesOrganic SoilGardening for DummiesOrganic Food Vs. Non-organic FoodHow to Make Organic Fertilizers for RosesBenefits of Seaweed FertilizersAnd Much MoreSo What Are you Waiting For ?Download the "Organic Gardening For Beginners" NowAnd Organic Fertilizer Recipes Today (0.990)By sathish bc via

14) Gardening How-To

Gardening How-To gardening zones map
Gardening How-To is the official publication of the National Home Gardening Club. With 575,000 members, its the largest gardening magazine in the nation. Gardening How-To aims to foster a sense of community and provide timely, informative, and inspiring editorial content that appeals to avid home gardeners. (Free)By North American Media Group via

15) Gardening Time

Gardening Time gardening zones map
Baby wants to learn gardening. Her mom is an amazing gardener and she is going to teach Barbie gardening in her beautiful garden. Baby needs gardening tools so she is going to the supermarket today to get all the required tools. Help Baby to pick the right tools and also help her while she taking part in the gardening activities. Have a great time gardening with Baby and her mom. (Free)By Shengfang Qin via

16) Fern

Fern gardening zones map
Fern is the easiest way to keep up with gardening news, trends, and tips; read the most popular gardening and design blogs all in one place including top pins from pinterest. Ask any question about gardening with a picture and an expert will try to diagnose your issues. If you`re in the bay area, order garden kits for delivery to get started on your gardening adventure. (Free)By Creator`s Flow LLC via

17) SubTropical Gardening Magazine

SubTropical Gardening Magazine gardening zones map
Gardeners from tropical, subtropical and warm climate zones will find all the important information within this magazine to grow plants successfully and to create the perfect garden. Everything from edible and ornamental gardening information is provided at your finger tips with exceptionally well researched and practical growing advice. subTropical Gardening is the Award winning magazine from Australia. (Free)By Calvin Mousavi via

18) Gardening magazines: "ESTINA" -a lot of information of "gardening" and "exterior"-

Gardening magazines: "ESTINA" -a lot of information of "gardening" and "exterior"- gardening zones map
"ESTINA" is a bland of gardening and exterior in Japan.This app is an official app of "ESTINA" produced by REbuild Co.,ltd.This app presents various cases of gardening, and stories of lives with gardens._________________________Main contents and functions:-original magazines: "LoveGarden" and "ESTINA LIFE"-back numbers of "LoveGarden" and "ESTINA LIFE"-thumbnail search-bookmark-share in SNS(Facebook, twitter, e-mail)-external links to our home pages_________________________Attentions:-This app uses networks when you read magazines for the first time, or new magazines are released.-This app has two types of catalogs: bound on the left side and bound on the right side.-Some part of contents are not translated into English. ($1.99)By BARiSTA Co.,Ltd. via

19) Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening Tips gardening zones map
Learn all about Organic Gardening with this great free app. It shows you all that you need to know about organic gardening. Find out about organic food, planting a garden, growing and farming organically, indoor gardens and much, much more.It has several functions to help you with your organic gardening such as a dedicated gardening diary and the ability to easily make notes and email them to yourself, if you wish.Get organic gardening - download now. (Free)By Venture Technology Ltd via

20) How To Garden - Ultimate Video Guide For Gardening

How To Garden - Ultimate Video Guide For Gardening gardening zones map
Gardening Guide is the best video guide for you to grow your own gardening.Application Includes:- How to Start with Gardening for beginner- How to start Organic Gardening- How to Choose right tools and how to use it- Watering tips- Grow, harvest, cut lessons- Vegetables gardeningGet Your Copy today before this weekend ($0.99)By Yashpal Padiya via




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