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Bee Icons          (in Shell Tools)

 Since picture is worth a thousand words, visit www.BeeIcons.com before reading this description. Bee Icons 4.0.2 offers more than 200 pizzazz artistic images to replace your boring Windows system icons. You can spice up Desktop, Start menu, Drives, Folders, Files and other icon types. It takes only ...

Folder Marker Home Changes Folder Colors          (in Shell Tools)

 Folder Marker Home is a powerful helper specially designed for home work. It enables you to quickly change folder color or mark folders to indicate priority (high, normal, low), project completeness level (done, half-done, planned) by work status (approved, rejected, pending) and type of information...

Folder Marker Pro Changes Folder Icons          (in Shell Tools)

 Folder Marker Pro is your smart assistant, an ardent fighter for your convenience and benefit. This handy shell extension is especially designed for office work. It lets you mark important folders with color-coded or image-coded icons in order to make them easier to spot among the hundreds of other ...

Autumn Icons Large edition          (in Icon Tools)

 Basic icon set in Autumn style. A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design. Autumn stock icons are perfect for shareware developers and web designers, who need to create a first-class interface for their software, web application or game, but value their time and donít ...

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