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RadarCube OLAP Chart Windows Forms          (in Components and Libraries)

 .NET Windows Forms OLAP control to add Visual Analysis to your applications. Displays business data in charts and graphs rather than in numbers. Gives users a unique opportunity to analyze their business data visually and spot new trends and discover unknown problems in their data flow. - Data Sourc...

OlapCube          (in Database Management)

 OlapCube is a simple, yet powerful tool to analyze data. OlapCube will let you create local cubes (files with .cub extension) from data stored in any relational database (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQL aServer, SQL Server Express, Oracle, Oracle Express). You can explore the resu...

RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS          (in PHP - ASP - HTML)

 RadarCube is a fast and powerful ASP.NET and Silverlight OLAP control providing you with a unique chance of supplying the web site with the MS Analysis 2000 or 2005 client abilities. It is written in C# and can be an excellent substitute for the OWC PivotTable control. The main features are: - Royal...

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