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Bookkeeping for REALTORS          (in Business Finance)

 Working in consultation with Realtors, Bookkeeping for Realtors was designed for those busy real estate professionals who can't afford to spend precious hours away from their clients learning a complex accounting program. Bookkeeping for Realtors is so intuitive it requires virtually no learning cur...
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AddressGrabber Standard          (in Automation)

 AddressGrabber is a data entry automation tool. It is a great time saving solution to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing folks, business people etc. The tool captures relevant contact details such as name, street, city, zip, country from a selected text and transfers them into chosen Address Books l...

realListings          (in Business)

 Listing flyer design software for Realtors and real estate professionals. Very easy to use, many design options available - much easier and more efficient than other commercial packages. Plus, realListings was developed specifically for Realtors and real estate agents....

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