Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus

More tags: voice changer software, change voice, voice changing software, online voice changer, voice change software, voice transformer and voice morphing software, voice disguise, sound effects, voice over ip, voip software, yahoo messenger utilities,
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Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus

Blaze Audio Voice Cloak Plus
  Category : Multimedia & Graphics -  Audio
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  Platform : WinXP  
  Price : USD 29.95  
  Rating :  
  License : Shareware  
  Limitations: 14 Days  
  Date : 07/17/2006  
  Size : 3.79 MB  
Software Description:
Software In :
Multimedia & Graphics
voice changer software, change voice, voice changing software, online voice changer, voice change software, voice transformer and voice morphing software, voice disguise, sound effects, voice over ip, voip software, yahoo messenger utilities,
   Voice Cloak Plus gives you a 5 band Equalizer, robot voice effects, flange, echo, pitchshift, and chorus! Get one-click Acousticons! Change the way Voice Cloak Plus looks with cool skins! Each month Blaze Audio will offer new Acousticons for you to add to Voice Cloak Plus. Wouldn't it be fun if you could change your on-line voice into something completely different- change male to female and vice-versa, or even have a voice straight out of your favorite game or movie? Now you can disguise, morph,and improve your online voice. Change gender, add sound effects, robot voice, pitch shift, echo, EQ in real time! Inject funny sound effects into voice chat IP phone calls. Save your favorite voices as presets. Voice Cloak Plus transforms your voice for voice chat, video conferencing, recording programs, and voice over IP telephone calls such as Skype. Once you find a combination of effects you like, you can give it a special name and save it as a preset. Then you can use that preset any time you want to "be" that character. You can click on a button to add a funny sound effect in the middle of any conversation. Voice Cloak Plus comes with a set of prerecorded sound effects, but don't let that limit you- you can pick any sound you want. A perfect present for that hard-to-please teenager, and a cool tool to disguise your voice to be totally anonymous. At best of all, Voice Cloak Plus is affordable, easy-to-use and comes with lifetime FREE product upgrade.

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More tags: voice changer software, change voice, voice changing software, online voice changer, voice change software, voice transformer and voice morphing software, voice disguise, sound effects, voice over ip, voip software, yahoo messenger utilities,
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